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Queens_NYC 12-29-2019 01:58 PM

Best of the Decade
Let's end this decade of Bearcat basketball with hopefully nothing but positive conversation in this thread :D

-Best player:

-Favorite player:

-Most underrated player:

-Favorite walk-on:

-Favorite villain (opposing player you loved to hate):

-Favorite team:

-Favorite game:

Favorite preseason tournament championship:

-Favorite NCAA tournament win:

-Favorite Crosstown Shootout win:

-Favorite game-winning shot:

-Favorite in-game moment (non-game-winning shot):

Feel free to add any other noteworthy superlatives

cincyguy13 12-29-2019 06:13 PM

-Best player: SK, With a strong year it could have been Jarron but SK was on another level

-Favorite player: Gary Clark, Jacob, Jarron, Yancy, SK

-Most underrated player: Yancy or Rashad Bishop

-Favorite walk-on: Meeker, (GOAT), I know it was 20 years ago

-Favorite villain (opposing player you loved to hate): Boatwright, or anyone from UCONN, also Peyton Silva (he was there for 10 years)

-Favorite team: Gary, Jacob, Kyle, Jarron team. It was the perfect storm and probably the best team we have had since the number 1 seed. The bracket also fell perfect for us. Those are the teams you dream about.

-Favorite game: Syracuse Big East Tournament, The win at Louisville the 1st year of the AAC

Favorite preseason tournament championship: Maui was the only one I remember that was cool. WE should have one that. Not sure what year that was. I don't remember any other big Preseason tournaments.

-Favorite NCAA tournament win: Purdue or FSU

-Favorite Crosstown Shootout win: The Troy Caupain one

-Favorite game-winning shot: SK at UCONN

-Favorite in-game moment (non-game-winning shot): Dion Dixon steal

Queens_NYC 12-30-2019 09:52 AM

-Best player: Sean Kilpatrick

-Favorite player: Jacob Evans, Gary Clark

-Most underrated player: Octavius Ellis

-Favorite walk-on: Zack Tobler

-Favorite villain (opposing player you loved to hate): Shabazz Napier

-Favorite team: 17-18 Squad

-Favorite game: UConn 4 OT

Favorite preseason tournament championship: Cayman Islands Classic

-Favorite NCAA tournament win: Purdue

-Favorite Crosstown Shootout win: The 16-17 win where both teams were ranked and Bluiett dropped 40

-Favorite game-winning shot: Evans @ Temple

-Favorite in-game moment (non-game-winning shot): Stifling Wichita on their final possession to win the AAC title on their floor.

waterhead 12-30-2019 09:59 AM

I'm gonna stop after the first 2 LOL...


Favorite...Mean Face

justinhub2003 12-30-2019 11:14 AM

Best player: SK

-Favorite player: Gary Clark & Jarron Cumberland

-Most underrated player: Troy Caupain

-Favorite walk-on: Tobler Time

-Favorite villain (opposing player you loved to hate): ALL OF UCONN

-Favorite team: 2017-18 (Jake, Gary, Kyle, Jarron)

-Favorite game: lots to choose from but the NCAA Purdue game.

Favorite preseason tournament championship: N/A

-Favorite NCAA tournament win: Purdue

-Favorite Crosstown Shootout win: 2018 when we beat the life out of travis steele

-Favorite game-winning shot: Troy Caupain vs Tulsa.. Not a huge meaningful game but I loved that shot.

-Favorite in-game moment (non-game-winning shot): The Jacob Evans SHot to finish the comeback against Marshall.

my memory sucks. So its hard for me to pull into the memory banks. 1

TheRealMick 12-30-2019 07:23 PM

Starting 5

Yancy clark evans sk jarron

mdchick 12-30-2019 08:37 PM

-Best player: gary clark

-Favorite player: Gary Clark

-Most underrated player: Gary Clark

-Favorite walk-on: Sam Martin

-Favorite villain (opposing player you loved to hate):Macurra

-Favorite team: Nevada team

-Favorite game: Syracuse BE tourney

Favorite preseason tournament championship: Maui even though we lost

-Favorite NCAA tournament win: purdue/ fsu

-Favorite Crosstown Shootout win: jarrons freshman year

-Favorite game-winning shot: troy caupain(purdue) & cashmere Wright(Alabama)

-Favorite in-game moment (non-game-winning shot):mick getting Td up for nothing

Also loved Garys post game interview with dan hoard, when he cried, I then also cried.

A_O 01-01-2020 10:48 AM

-Best player: Gary Clark

-Favorite player: Gary Clark

-Most underrated player: Rashad Bishop (favorite play of his wasn't in this decade though...Jan 19 2008 game-ending block against #15 Pitt)

-Favorite walk-on: Tobler

-Favorite villain (opposing player you loved to hate): Napier, anyone playing for X

-Favorite team: Kyle, Gary, Jacob, & Jarron

-Favorite game: FSU, most fun and meaningless game: putting up 119 on Farleigh Dickinson

Favorite preseason tournament championship: Maui (Yancey would've sealed it in regulation if they would've called the foul, not that I'm still bitter about it)

-Favorite NCAA tournament win: purdue/fsu

-Favorite Crosstown Shootout win: Troy's senior year

-Favorite game-winning shot: Troy against Purdue, Cash against Oklahoma (only b/c I was at the game as Alabama was better)

-Favorite in-game moment (non-game-winning shot): Gary Clark 3 point play against was game winning also but oh well

kskenyon4 01-02-2020 11:23 AM

-Best player: Gary Clark

-Favorite player: SK

-Most underrated player: Jaquon Parker

-Favorite walk-on: Tobler

-Favorite villain (opposing player you loved to hate): Luke Hancock

-Favorite team:11/12 or 13/14

-Favorite game: @ Louisville 2014

Favorite preseason tournament championship: 2015 Barclay's

-Favorite NCAA tournament win: Florida State

-Favorite Crosstown Shootout win: 2017, Troy's senior year and the generous bounce on his late 3

-Favorite game-winning shot: SK against Uconn

-Favorite in-game moment (non-game-winning shot): Deberry against Purdue, the scoop and score in OT.

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