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New Chad Podcast after watching open gym, with all current players except Lakhin and a lot of former players and local D1 guys from other schools (Gary Clark, Jacob Evans, DeBerry, Isaiah Miller, Devin Williams, Tre Scott, Troy Caupain and others).

Interesting notes: Now it sounds like the former players weren't going too hard. So take it with a grain of salt. But according to Chad DDJ was the best player in the gym, Chad has heard that DDJ is generally the best player in practice.

The best team on the court consisted of DDJ, Maw, Mason, Banks and Koval.

Hensley had the two best dunks in the gym, Chad thinks we will be better off with Hensley than we were with Eason. Hensley may be more athletic than Eason.

Newman was the one guy who was able to shut-down DDJ. Newman looks like the guy you put on the other teams best offensive player and tell him to shut him down.

DDJ has mostly been practicing off ball. Sounds like Saunders is probably going to start at PG. Not sure if DDJ backs him up or if someone else will.

Banks looked like he belonged on the court with the other guys.
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