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I'm wondering if Mason ends up as our backup PG this year. It sounds like DDJ's shot is looking better, but a lot of his success is off the drive. To open up driving lanes for DDJ, we may try to open the floor with shooters while he is in.

Another note I forgot to mention is that it seems that Davenport is still primarily practicing at the 4. Considering Hensley is also a shooter and seems to have good things being said about him, I wonder where Ody gets minutes. Is it possible that Ody is being groomed to play the 5 next year and is going to be mostly a bench guy this year?

Everyone seems to be happy with Wes so far and he definitely seems to be doing a great job building a family. But I just can't see how he keeps everyone happy with minutes this year. Somebody is going to be a bench warmer. My guess at this point is that McGinnis, Ody, Lahkin and Banks will not get many minutes.

Sort of unrelated note, there's a photo of Mason on twitter posted the other day (maybe yesterday) of him hitting 44" on a vertical jump.
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