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Originally Posted by skyblade View Post
Hensley is a legit 3 point shooter, Ody is not. Chad said he expects Hensley to shoot in the low-to-mid 30's from three on low volume. Not exactly great, but enough that he must be respected. Chad had some pretty glowing praise for Hensley (expects him to be better than Tari).

It depends on how well Hensley can do it other departments, but he has the size and athleticism. Style wise, if he's backing up Davenport, there's less to adjust when he's in than if Ody comes in for Davenport. I'm sure both will get playing time at the 4, but I think Hensley will get more.

We are going to have some good players who spend most of their time on the bench. I guess we have to wait and see who that will be. But if it's an offense led by DDJ, I expect a lot of drive-and-kick and a three point shooter at the 4 will be valuable. Especially if some other guys (Saunders and Newman) don't shoot it well and Ado gets the majority of minutes at the 5.
This has all happened a lot of times before. Someone looks good (or best) in practice but hardly ever plays. Ody is good to go. He's a man! I surely hope Hensley can give us 10 minutes though. Hard to see if Davenport and Ody in front. I understand the shooting thing. In the long run I hope Hensley can play the 3 or 4 since we are going to need scoring but we can't forget's going to be a big freaking deal.

We can mix and match lineups but we can't have 2 or more liabilities on the court on D if that is our calling card. I don't know the defensive abilities of the new guys but I am guessing Ody and Ado aren't going to have troubles with physicality. Koval maybe. Davenport is not a "banger". We either put out some "bangers" or good perimeter defenders with only one defensive slouch on the floor at a time IMO.
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