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Originally Posted by Quadri's #1 fan View Post
I need more memories like the Nevada collapse, or maybe Jarron not knowing how much time is left in the game. This is what makes Cincinnati basketball so great. The first round exits, and watching the once big brother being overshadowed by the little brother. Thanks Chris Mack.

Thankfully we have a savior.

All along I thought it was JC who was gonna save us, but now I know itís JB instead.

Huggins last 9 years at UC he was 3-6 vs Xavier
Mick was 4-4 in his last 8 games (he didnít coach the home loss)
And now JB is starting the tradition off right with an 0-1 start

If we ever want our little brother to go back to being our little brother again then letís first start by out recruiting them. Thatís something Mick couldnít do and something CJB and his very new to the high level recruiting game staff is probably going to fail at as well.

We better hope Steele is a trash coach, or we will remain little brother forever because they are in a better league, they get better players and their school values basketball over everything else.

I hope JB is the guy. Because if he isnít, we arenít as highly thought of nationally, as we think we are. One bad hire could set us back years.

Iíd rather not be looking for a new coach in 3 years. Because we all saw in the last search that no one is jumping out of their socks to come coach at UC. We either are a candidate for a under the radar up & coming with a short resume, or a retread like frank martin who is trash.

Letís just win the next two games, give the fans something to cheer about and the players something to believe in: because right now, no one has much to believe in, including CJB himself.
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