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Brannen didn't recruit for length/athleticism generally speaking. It has left our team lacking in that regard. Especially since the one great athlete he did recruit (Tari) transferred out.

Wes has done pretty well on short notice with Ado/Ody/Hensley/Newman, I know Ado can't jump, but he has great length and is disruptive on defense. I'd also like to see Hensley get more of a run, he played solid in the 4 minutes he got against Memphis and matched up well on defense.

Next year we are bringing in Skillings/Reed, who are the type of athletic wings we need. Plus Hensley should get major minutes at the 4 and Lakhin/Ody should be a developed enough to stay on the court. We are trending in the right direction when it comes to adding length/athleticism, but we have to survive this year.

Memphis was gassed, but we were also gassed. Wes didn't go to the bench much in the second half. Our bench is pretty bad on defense. I'm guessing MAW played over Saunders for defense reasons and because MAW has been the better 3-point shooter lately.
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