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Originally Posted by GarradJ21 View Post
I doubt it. Rashasd was from NY I believe. Bishop is somewhat of a common name as well. I could be wrong though.

I think this guy is who Chad and Snow described is as a bucket getter. It sounds like overall we are on some very good combo guards for 2019. I think that is key because Logan and who ever the CG we get in 2019 will be able to run together at the same time a lot and run pg when the other is not in. The CG will not come into a crowded pg slot with being able to play the 2 as well.

Does anyone think there's a slight chance Cumberland could leave after this year?
Rashad Bishop is from NJ.

They were talking about James Bishop from Baltimore on that podcast.

I also think there's much more than a slight chance on Cumberland leaving. Wouldn't be shocked if he went even if he didn't get drafted 1st round.
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