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I'd say the AAC is going to be one of the toughest leagues in the country to preseason predict. Sure, its UC and WSU at the top but then its a blur. Here is how I will go with it.

1. UC: I think we are the best team in the league and until WSU beats someone other than Dayton, Im not changing my mind
2. WSU: UC and WSU could be interchangable. I just hope not. But i do hope WSU is worth the hype
3. UCF: BJ Taylor is the leagues most underrated player, Tacko is a zone defense by himself and they add shooters via Aubrey dawkins and the other transfer
4. SMU Shake Milton might average 20 a game, McMurray can score in any league, Foster is good. But if they get killed on the glass, this could be a bust
5. UCONN Every thing in me says not to put them in the top 5, but Adams, Gilbert, Vital, And Larrier are as talented as any other 4 in the league. They just need production from a big. Bad thing is Ollie sucks at big development
6. Temple: I think Rose has a breakout year, add that with all the young guys plus the experience of Josh Brown and Obi, they could be tough to beat. I dont want to go to Philly to play them.
7. Houston: Rob Gray will score 22 or more PPG but they have so many new comers that Its hard to gauge them. Houston fans will tell you Devin Dotson is easily replaceable. I think their insane
8. Tulsa: Bring back most all of their new comers from last year. Not a ton of talent but enough to get hot one night and beat some one. Thank God for Troy Caupain last season.
9. Memphis: Nothing will surprise me about Memphis, if they finish 4th I would be surprised, if they finish last I wont either. Its a dumpster fire that actually has a lot of mid level talent, I just think they are a year or 2 away.
10. Tulane: They only won 6 games last year but I felt they got better and better as the season wore on. They will play tough but they still Suck ass
11. ECU: they could finish ahead of Memphis and Tulane because Barkley maybe a better player than both those teams have but they lose 3 starters from a shitty team so I Dunno
12. USF: POOOOOP SHOW for years to come

My confidence in these picks is about 10%. 3 thru 7 is anyones game. 8 and 9 are interchangable and 10-12 are the battle for the bottom. I really only have absolute confidence in UC this year, as even WSU gives me some doubts.

This could be a crazy good year or it could be the same as last year.
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