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We were already a very versatile team with our returning starters. We have bigs who can score inside and can also knock down a 3 when necessary. We have two all around guys who fill stat sheets on both ends of the floor. With the new additions to the rotation and starting lineup we have added several new dimensions which will make us all the more versatile and hard to stop.

We have added two guys to the starting lineup who can penetrate and a third guy on the bench who may be the best of them all (we will see). We are replacing one guy who was NOT good at it and another who was good at it but mainly only did it when the clock was winding down.

We have added at least 1 if not 2 guys to the starting lineup that you have to keep track of where they are on the court. A defense cannot pick and choose their poison.

We have added a knock down shooter who's % should at least be better than what we lost.

We have added depth at the 5 for rebounding and defense and we lost a guy who perhaps just did not fit very well in a Cronin scheme.

We have added PG's who are going to allow us to push pace. Obviously we lose some control and ball security.

We will run the fast break better.

We can press now with added speed AND depth. We can also sub more with quality depth keeping us fresh on both sides of the ball.

We will get the offense set quicker to be able to use more clock if we need it. We will also attack faster with more options looking to score.

We have added pure scorers on the perimeter vs guys who were more facilitators.

I know we have lost a few things as well. Control and less turnovers. Experience. Some good leadership and emotion. Guys who were either good defenders or knew the system well and where to be at all times.

I think we can make up for some of that. Our PG's are in their 3rd and 4th years so experience should not be a huge deal. We will be quicker and more aggressive vs safe and controlled...that's just a trade off IMO. We have some great D on the bench and our starters seem to have high BB IQ and instinct. We might be missing a little bit of leadership and emotion but we shall see.

All in all I think we have added a lot more to the equation than we lost. What am I missing?

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