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Originally Posted by waterhead View Post

All in all I think we have added a lot more to the equation than we lost. What am I missing?
As long as Broome is the guy he's advertised to be and the guy that played game 2, we are going to be better. I just want the bigger games to get here already so we can see it in action.

I still dont see a ton of minutes for all the freshman as we continue. 10 man rotations dont happen very often. 7 is the sweet spot without fouls forcing your hand.

KW probably gets the most minutes from the guards and then brooks and scott trade off depending on opponent and game style. Jenifer maybe 10-15 but I say KW has a chance for more minutes as he can play the 2 and 3.

and i mean this for the good opponents. everybody is gonna play in the blow outs.
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