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Originally Posted by L-T View Post
Did you see him being a 1st Team All American?
Yes, but if you are trying to say he never took bad shots idk what games you were watching. Like I said, it was partly due to the team not having any inside game and noone else to put the ball in the basket, but that still doesnt mean he didnt take bad shots. And being a 1st team all american doesnt mean he will have success at the next level. That would be like saying, did you see tebow win the Heisman? hes going to dominate the NFL

He knew at the college level he could get to the line almost at will. NBA and apparently D league doesnt work like that. He was also one of the oldest college basketball players, now he doesnt have that advantage going for him

Im not trying to take away his great career here, but again, a great high school career doesnt mean great college career. And great college career doesnt mean great pro career. I dont think he is an NBA player. I think a large majority of this fan base has believed he will be an NBA star and given him expectations that they are going to be very disappointed dont happen
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