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I'll be pretty happy with where ever we finish as long as we come out, play defense and give it our all every game. No more lay-up lines and players giving up on the game.

I'd think the 3-6 range is fair, 3 is best case scenario. 6 is probably worst case scenario.

The depth is nice, but also concerning. It's hard to actually go 10 deep and very rare for teams to give serious minutes to that many guys. It's potentially problematic as your best players start to question why they spend so much time on the bench. Or the bench guys question why they aren't getting more minutes.

I hope Wes is prepared for it and has prepared the guys for it. I'm willing to bet that there are one or two players who came in expecting to play big minutes and are instead going to be bench warmers (my guess is Koval and Ody).
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