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Originally Posted by skyblade View Post
I agree players will have good and bad games. My feeling on a lot of these guys is we know what we have and in the case of Ado, Ody, Newman and MAW that's enough to keep us competitive with most teams, it's definitely lacking in some major areas.

I love defense as much as the next guy (and more than quite a few). But relying on DDJ and Saunders to carry us on offense all season doesn't seem like a great solution. We also need to rebound the ball. Somebody else needs to step up.

I am certain (let's hope I am wrong) that somebody isn't going to be Ado, Ody, Koval or Newman. It's probably not going to be Davenport or MAW either (though I think they can play a role as spot up shooters).

Let's see what some of the other guys can do in extended minutes. Especially Hensley and Mason. Let's try guys at different positions (Davenport at the 3 or Lakhin at the 5). Let's see if how much better our offense is if we play 5 (or even 4) shooters and guys who move the ball well. Let's find a line up that can rebound the ball, because it's clear that what we've tried so far isn't working and Houston (among others) is going to demolish us on the boards if we don't fix it.

My guess is that Wes will start to give guys more minutes and experiment during this stretch of relatively easy games. He's had a chance to see us play against a couple very good teams and knows what we need to work on. I'm happy with what I've seen so far, but I think we can be better.
Yah we have a lot of games and time until Houston for Big Vik to figure out what he can get away with and what he can't. I would not mind using Davenport in more than just one way offensively. Let him post a smaller player up when he gets the right switch etc. He has a knack for getting the ball in the basket when he shoots. Gonna need to get him some space to shoot 3's so he has to do something does Mason. He needs to use the fake a bit more and put the ball on the ground or he will have games where he can't get anything good off (like Houston) who will guard the perimeter. He has to use his ball skills more and I would like to see him try more of that he might surprise himself IDK.
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