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Originally Posted by waterhead View Post
Yah...this is how you do it! Schedules like this scare me especially after losing some senior leadership. But this is what you want to see...a coach who is not afraid to not only meet a challenge head on but to create the challenge himself. It could be tough to make a tourney run this year but these younger guys are going to be prepared in years to come.

Brannen is ALL IN and is trying to get that national brand back in the big lights. Now it's just wait and see if he can get the job done.

Love him or hate him...Cronin generally avoided stacking the OOC and most years was happy with a string of cupcakes. This is not sour was talked about almost every season and was a reality. It was also part of the reason many fans thought we were artificially ranked heading into the dance most years. Because we feasted on too many patsies early on. Of course there was also the theory that we were short on talent (offensively) and didn't have the fire power to keep up when it was a win or go home atmosphere. I tend to believe it was a combination of both.

Cronin worked his system and was very successful (and smart) in a way that may have made him artificially higher ranked as a coach. There is no guarantee that Brannen can make his system work with tougher schedules but I do like the idea that he is going to try.
Agree. Croninís philosophy seem to be to make the tournament anyway he could. And if he could get 25-30 wins it was going to be hard for the committee to not let us in. He really wasnít interested in embracing the older players and building the brand. This is where I think he messed up. If you build the program to a national level, you can get better players. Seems like brannen is trying to do that. Like you said, it may not work, but I like thatís heís trying.

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