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Originally Posted by justinhub2003 View Post
Normally Iíd be upset with UC not playing as itís all thatís going on that I care about this time of year. . But Iíve just picked up new hobbies.

Covid + poor UC basketball means my fandom never reaches the level it used to be at. Iíll be cancelling my season tickets (though depending on demand, I may buy them and sell them individually to make extra cash and attend a game or two) and pulling back my donations. If I do just cancel Iíll offer the season tickets to someone on this board.

So many people hurting financially right now that donating to athletic department of a school that to me clearly cares more about football is silly. Iím just going to take a wait & see approach, if In a few years, everything is stable then Iíll spend money again. But for now I got my refund for my season tickets and simply donated to a few causes and spent money on local restaurants.

Basketball is fun. But when itís no longer fun and watching your team is more painful than fun, then itís time to pack it in.

As for the resuming of play: whatís the point? It seems costly personally, financially and health wise to continue to play basketball in a losing season that doesnít affect eligibility. Just call it quits & live to fight another day. Send these kids home to be with their families. Because being 22 and completely isolated as an unpaid athlete is just stupid. If one kid has long term affects from Covid for playing an unpaid game, then itís 1 too many
When we lost a few in a row I just started to be interested in watching player development and trying to get excited for the future. It is a different kind of enjoyment but it's also a lot less stressful than watching the end of so many close games that determine if we are on the bubble or not. If there is no success to follow then the enjoyment will obviously start to disappear.

I have enjoyed watching Eason and he is still on a leash right now so there is more to see. I was having some fun seeing Harvey start to come into his own. Davenport has been a great story. Seeing Mason so comfortable out there was a bit surprising. Watching growth and development is still worth tuning in for to me.
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