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Originally Posted by Bearcat513 View Post
Agreed but their starting 5 is not as good as last years. Semi was the MVP based off of ORtg for each of the games we lost to them last season.

I agree with Jacob, depth really comes into play when you can press and play a quicker pace. It's assumed we will with Broome and Jenifer running the point. But, we shall see.
It's also important to have quality depth vs a team like SMU instead of just having bodies. A quicker pace could certainly have tired them out...but on the flip side, guys like Jenifer, Q Moore, Brooks, and Scott didn't really belong on the floor against their guys. Brooks had a tough time in the AAC Title game.

Against the South Florida type teams though, you can get away with using your depth no matter what bc even our young bench guys are better than their starters. It's a fine line.

Luckily, this year we seem to have the best of both worlds. We can use our depth vs anyone without feeling like we're vulnerable.
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