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I'm seeing anywhere from 6'4" to 6'6" for Gabe Madsen. let's call it 6'5" which I think is plenty of size for a wing.

It seems like he has been (and is) a major priority for the staff which makes even more sense with the offer to his brother. Outside of Scrubb (who is a no brainer) he could be very high on the wing list...maybe even the next highest to SCrubb.

The question becomes...since Scrubb will be entertaining NBA potentially after this season...that even if Scrubb does commit to UC (a longish shot with UL also in the mix) he could be a "one and doner" type. Would we rather 3-4 years of a high caliber Madsen or 1-2 years of a higher caliber Scrubb?

I say lock down Madsen because the overall program value would be higher than the short term value for Scrubb. I would take either one but I would hope to get a couple years out of Scrubb (which would be up in the air). It's possible that there could be a 3 year difference in the amount of use we can get between the two if Scrubb would leave after 1 and Madsen was here for 4.
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