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Originally Posted by Jon Rycek View Post
Doesnít everyone on here complain we donít play til the end... hmm... Iíd take dude in a second. Even if he just ends up being a bench/role player for a year.
You just mentioned in the other thread that me using "turd" to describe a recruit showed my character. (Somewhat fair. I shouldn't have said that, but I promise you I'm really not a-hole)

I will flip it back to you. If you can watch that video and come to the conclusion that that's a good example of "playing till the end" and that you'd "take him in a second" then I think that kinda shows your character.

Kid didn't play hard to the whistle, or just D up. He snuck up behind a guy that was trying to let the game run out in a 55 point blowout. Then it takes to the rim and dunks it like he some hardass. The proceeds to jaw and shit talk afterwards (real badass).

That's honestly one of the douchiest moves I've ever seen in college basketaball.
"These refs certainly aren't doing us any favors tonight, Dan."
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