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Originally Posted by jacobkdoyle View Post
4 games left

UC 12-2
vs UConn
vs Tulsa
@ Tulane
@ Wichita State

Wichita State 11-3
vs Tulane
vs UC

Houston 11-3
@ Memphis
vs ECU
vs UConn
Houston Cons: Easiest schedule on paper.
Houston Pros: Memphis could be a trap game and they struggled with a bad SMU team at home not too long ago. If Shake is back for that game then SMU is a whole different team.

Wichita Cons: They'll likely be favored to win every game
Wichita Pros: Again, if Shake is back, SMU has a fighting shot at home. UCF on the road could be a tight game too. They've already lost at home more than once, so that works in our favor come March 4th.

UC Cons: The conference title will likely not be decided already come our last game - one that will be on short rest and one we likely won't be favored to win.
UC Pros: Should win the next 3 games by double digits.
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