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Originally Posted by waterhead View Post
I think there must be a way to get a little better at defensive rebounding while still playing the same style of D we play. As has been mentioned we switch on everything and we try and contest every shot close to the basket often times putting our bigs out of position to get a rebound. Whether they are closing on a 3 point shooter or going for a's pretty hard to box out when you are in the air.

That is something we, as a team, have said we are willing to trade off to some extent. I am sure we could make some adjustments but I think we would have to give up something in another area. I think Cronin's dream is having 5 guys who can switch (especially bigs on guards) I doubt that philosophy will change much. It produces very good results every year on D...but we are going to give up some defensive rebounds and corner 3's as the nature of the beast.

Our biggest improvements are going to need to come on the other side of the ball.

i dont think the defensive rebounding is some glaring issue that must be solved. ill take the great overall defense all day.

just as long as we dont let anybody do what we did to xavier in 2017 and collect 48.7% of our misses, that would be a problem.
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