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Originally Posted by cincrulz11 View Post
and this is true of cronin's teams every year. exceptional at offensive rebounding, below average at defensive rebounding.

and it both makes sense. we often put 2 bigs on the post when not a lot of teams do it anymore and we attack the offensive glass. on defense we switch and rotate and have bigs defending 3's and stuff, it makes it tough to always be able to box out.

but they really need to try to lock down for saturday. xavier is good at offensive rebounding and very good at offense in general. we can't afford to let them get their misses when they do miss.
We're bad about going for blocks too much. I haven't paid attention this year so I'll have to watch for it. But last year Brooks was really bad about it. There are times to go for blocks (mostly when it's possible to get it...) but I see our bigs often jumping too late and out of position for the rebound. This is why Nsoseme gets as much time as he does.
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