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Next year they loose Sorolla, McNeal, both Cumberlands and Tre Scott. Then possibly a transfer or two (maybe). So with the open scholarship now that would be 6. Mike Saunders will take one so that brings it down to 5, so as everyone know this 2020 class will have to be special. I am a fan of leaving an open scholly open for "Zach Harvey" situations.

I would love to get either Kalkbrenner or Loveday, Patrick Iriel of John Hugley and then Trey Galloway and Anthoney Leal to round out the class... Do I think this will happen... probably not but a guy can hope. Either way I think we get a few of the guys I named. Also maybe a grad transfer depending on team needs at the time.

Also on this Zach Harvey thing I still see these so called experts picking him to come here, either way I am over it at this point... I hope he comes but if he doesn't oh well I am ready to ride with the team they have right now. I know it doesn't matter what I think but damn I just want to know what's going on regardless if he goes to UC or not haha.
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