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Originally Posted by jacobkdoyle View Post
This is an example imo of why we desperately need upgraded facilities. We have to blow these kids away on their visit. The players and family members always seem very comfortable with our coaching staff, but it'd be nice if they came on their visit and we had more to offer. That seems to be the main thing imo that is stopping us from sealing the deal on a lot of these kids. We have to give them a big reason to leave home. Especially a guy like Stewart in California. Seems like lately we've been expanding recruiting to more of the full national scene, rather than just a few regions. I know we've all talked about the facilities, and it's all part of the plan, but I think Stewart is someone you could point to when making your case.
We all agree we need new facilities, but I don't know how you point to this as an example when we have no idea why he chose USC.
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