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Sounds like we offered Gabe Madsens brother (Mason) in what would seem to be a strong push to get Gabe.. So the staff must be really high on Gabe or thinking we may not have a great shot at some of the other wing offers. Gabe's brother is a mid major level recruit (right now) but I don't think he would be too far off of a guy like Trevor Moore who didn't have a lot of high level offers. Maybe he has some upside but at least he could be a role player toward the end of the bench.

I was thinking we would try to get a couple of wings and a couple of bigs for this would fill both wing spots. At 6'3 and 6'4 I would like to see another inch or two but who knows.

Again, there must be a high level of confidence that Gabe Madsen will be a star. Or Brannen thinks he has already done enough with guys like Woods, Davenport and Harvey and just needs 1 more very good wing. Of course Madsens brother Mason could end up improving to the point he is also very productive.

My other thought is that this move could put some pressure on another wing who doesn't have a lot of high D1 offers yet. Basically putting them into a position where they feel they need to make a decision sooner than later or no wing spots will be available anymore.
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