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Originally Posted by cincycpaw View Post
1) I think for a while. But you never know. And he's only had 1 good season so far and it's far from over...

2) No, they will not start in the Top 25. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think I will be

3) Can they? Sure. Will they? highly unlikely. It would be an enormous win for the program.

4) If UC wins out next year, beating OSU....I think they would have a 10% chance at making the CFP.
I think coach is loyal to OHIO, with his kids in school and living close to Cincinnati he will be at UC for a while. Kelly did say in year one that his dream job would be ND and sure enough we know the rest of the story. Do not know how long he would have stayed. I did not think Jones was going to stay and that was after he promised not to leave. if Ohio State wanted Fickel for head coach he would be gone. Only my thoughts.
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