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Originally Posted by david aka the TYZ View Post
And hopefully Votto changes his approach at the plate next year and starts swinging at some of those pitches just out of the strike zone instead of taking walks so much when runners are on and/or in scoring postion. I'm all for walks, but when you're as talented a hitter as he is you can't give away opportunities to drive in runs.
agreed. i'm hoping this little challenge he set up for himself has been fulfilled. we get it Votto, you have a good eye and are patient at the plate. 73 RBIs isn't gonna cut it. if everyone on the team had that approach, it would be beautiful, but they don't, so it's not.

Originally Posted by david aka the TYZ View Post
What I hate seeing is us bringing in lifetime .240 hitters and I hate that our bench is so weak. A better bench would go a long-way if nothing else than to push the starters some.
I slightly disagree here. As hard as it might be to believe, Reds have had a top 3 bench in MLB last 3 years, in terms of BA. And as far as gloves go, we'd be hard-pressed to find a more solid glove off the bench than Jack Hannahan.

Reds need to replace the hitting coach. Simple as that. This roster is too talented to consistently have a sub .260 BA, sub .250 this year. Brook Jacoby was an overall average hitter throughout his career. Not a single silver slugger to his name. IMO, the Reds' hitting coach prerequisites should include a silver slugger.

How about:
Carney Lansford?? (career .290, silver slugger)
Barry Larkin (career .295, 9 Silver Slugger)? come back to Cincy, Barry.
Dante Bichette? (career .299, silver slugger) oh and look at that, he just announced he's not returning to the Rockies in 2014. hmmm....
get on the phone, Walt.

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