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QUOTE=Bearcats92;202649]You told me to come to your house like a 15 year old boy would say Hahahaha. This is ridiculous Justin shouldnít be banned everyone should toughen up. This site has lost enough people since Micks meltdown against Nevada. Justin makes the most ridiculous post and everyone laughs but that doesnít mean he should be banned.[/QUOTE]

I donít do personal internet beefs. I never get personal. I donít attack people. I might attack their takes but thatís where it ends.

So yea, Iíd rather anyone that has a personal issue with me to send me a PM and we can go from there. Just rather make it really personal, not that internet bullying BS. There Is no stakes in that.

Funny thing.. I bet my takes have driven traffic and engagement on this site . This place was all but dead last season. We got people who are just casual readers jumping in who havenít posted In months

I have no idea when and where this got out of hand. But Iím ready to move on. I wonít change my opinion, but Iíll keep my emotions in check as I regret saying 2 things, everything else I backed up with facts or reason.

The thing is....Iím opinionated. I was opinionated when mick was here. Iím not going to walk on egg shells to not hurt peoples feelings. Yíall take my post more serious then I do. Iím literally befuddled that my opinions can get people so riled up.

Unprovoked, there isnít a thing in the world that would make me want to ban another user. Nothing. I mean some of you are the kinda people who call the cops when your neighbors are partying too loud or you see a fight in the streets. Thatís not me. I guess I over estimate the tolerance of other adults.

This is the nuttiest thing Iíve been apart on the internet
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