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-Best player: SK, With a strong year it could have been Jarron but SK was on another level

-Favorite player: Gary Clark, Jacob, Jarron, Yancy, SK

-Most underrated player: Yancy or Rashad Bishop

-Favorite walk-on: Meeker, (GOAT), I know it was 20 years ago

-Favorite villain (opposing player you loved to hate): Boatwright, or anyone from UCONN, also Peyton Silva (he was there for 10 years)

-Favorite team: Gary, Jacob, Kyle, Jarron team. It was the perfect storm and probably the best team we have had since the number 1 seed. The bracket also fell perfect for us. Those are the teams you dream about.

-Favorite game: Syracuse Big East Tournament, The win at Louisville the 1st year of the AAC

Favorite preseason tournament championship: Maui was the only one I remember that was cool. WE should have one that. Not sure what year that was. I don't remember any other big Preseason tournaments.

-Favorite NCAA tournament win: Purdue or FSU

-Favorite Crosstown Shootout win: The Troy Caupain one

-Favorite game-winning shot: SK at UCONN

-Favorite in-game moment (non-game-winning shot): Dion Dixon steal

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