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Best player: SK

-Favorite player: Gary Clark & Jarron Cumberland

-Most underrated player: Troy Caupain

-Favorite walk-on: Tobler Time

-Favorite villain (opposing player you loved to hate): ALL OF UCONN

-Favorite team: 2017-18 (Jake, Gary, Kyle, Jarron)

-Favorite game: lots to choose from but the NCAA Purdue game.

Favorite preseason tournament championship: N/A

-Favorite NCAA tournament win: Purdue

-Favorite Crosstown Shootout win: 2018 when we beat the life out of travis steele

-Favorite game-winning shot: Troy Caupain vs Tulsa.. Not a huge meaningful game but I loved that shot.

-Favorite in-game moment (non-game-winning shot): The Jacob Evans SHot to finish the comeback against Marshall.

my memory sucks. So its hard for me to pull into the memory banks. 1
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