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-Best player: Gary Clark

-Favorite player: Gary Clark

-Most underrated player: Rashad Bishop (favorite play of his wasn't in this decade though...Jan 19 2008 game-ending block against #15 Pitt)

-Favorite walk-on: Tobler

-Favorite villain (opposing player you loved to hate): Napier, anyone playing for X

-Favorite team: Kyle, Gary, Jacob, & Jarron

-Favorite game: FSU, most fun and meaningless game: putting up 119 on Farleigh Dickinson

Favorite preseason tournament championship: Maui (Yancey would've sealed it in regulation if they would've called the foul, not that I'm still bitter about it)

-Favorite NCAA tournament win: purdue/fsu

-Favorite Crosstown Shootout win: Troy's senior year

-Favorite game-winning shot: Troy against Purdue, Cash against Oklahoma (only b/c I was at the game as Alabama was better)

-Favorite in-game moment (non-game-winning shot): Gary Clark 3 point play against was game winning also but oh well
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