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Originally Posted by skyblade View Post
I think every knows by now that I am a big Diarra fan (and not so much of a Vogt fan). Diarra has played very well pretty much every game since the game @Xavier. He still makes a boneheaded play every now and then, but he seems to have turned the corner to being a net positive player. I said at the beginning of the year that he is our most important player to develop if we are going to win in March and I still believe that. Diarra's elite athleticism is rare at the NCAA level (because guys with Diarra's combination of size and athleticism who have basketball skills are in the NBA). If he can give 15 minutes of high energy, elite defense and rebounding, while not making mistakes on offense, it will make a big difference in close games.

He plays hard, defends at an extremely high level and seems to have the right attitude. Brannen said on the radio show that he has earned the minutes and will continue to get them (he said more as a 4, but I anticipate him taking some of Sorolla's minutes as well).

As a side-note, I'd like to see us play the "huge" lineup sometime. Vogt center, Scott PF, Diarra SF, Williams SG, Jarron PG. We'd lack in ball handling, but it would be very tough for other teams to score and rebound against us. Probably wouldn't go very well, but would be fun to watch.
The monster lineup of...

PF- Sorolla
SF- Tre Scott
SG- Diarra

Jarron shoots every shot and the 4 other players crash the boards. This lineup would be an absolute shit show but would be funny to watch and at this point how the season is going you can't help but laugh at times.
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