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Originally Posted by waterhead View Post
Are you serious??? How many high profile recruits (other than Jaevin) did we have a realistic shot at? Jaevin was down to us and Michigan as I recall. He was one of the top gets on the transfer market. Who was left when Brannen took over the job that we had any chance to get so late in the game? Be realistic and not pie in the sky.

Think it through. Brannen went for a full roster (as he stated) to give the seniors the best chance to have a great year. Not to rebuild. And who would want to rebuild on the scraps left on the market when Cronin left? And look at Vogt and Sorolla and Jaevin? Look at MAW? Harvey was one of the highest rated we could have asked for? All but Harvey are doing quite well.

I agree, Harvey and Jaevin were probably 2 of the highest rated guys left out there that we had a realistic shot at and we got both.
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