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Originally Posted by Loser Mentality View Post
At some point, somebody(Players only) needs to emerge as THE LEADER! From the classroom to the court.

Seems like nobody wants to take over the game in this open offense. The Defense has been decent enough to keep us in games, but with no offensive leadership, we will continue to see winnable games slip away.

We jacked up 27 3 point shots last game. If we make half of those 3pt attempts as 2 pt buckets, we win by double figures easy.

Hope these wing guys quit test driving this offense. Take control to be in control which takes leaders and risk takers at this point.
Yep, at some point players have to have pride, and say Iím not losing this game. Stop giving the other team the ball, make free throws, and go get a rebound. These thing are not coaching. Itís doing what it takes to win a game. I remember when cronin would take about Kenyon and those guys wanting to fight each other after a loss. You just donít see that fire.
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