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Originally Posted by cincyguy13 View Post
Yep, at some point players have to have pride, and say Iím not losing this game. Stop giving the other team the ball, make free throws, and go get a rebound. These thing are not coaching. Itís doing what it takes to win a game. I remember when cronin would take about Kenyon and those guys wanting to fight each other after a loss. You just donít see that fire.
I like Brannen but I am NOT giving him a free ride. Most of that stuff IS coaching or coach-able and we saw that with Cronin (and I am not an apologist). The coach can get his team to do the things he wants them to do by using the bench or any other means necessary. Sometimes we felt Cronin did too much of that but he did get results. I want a healthy mix of overbearing dad and supportive dad.

If nothing else we need to tighten the screws in crunch time. If you turn it over (unnecessarily) you need to come out (in crunch time). Our free lancing has lead to a lot of turnovers when the game is on the line. Tighten the screws just a little at the end of games.
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