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Originally Posted by skyblade View Post
Or perhaps I am just better at evaluating players. I was correct on Diarra. Diarra was one of the best defenders and rebounders on the team at the beginning of the year. He only had to figure it out on offense.

I think Harvey can improve, I just don't think it will happen this season (or at least not enough for him to deserve minutes). We are at mid-season and he still can't do anything right, the chances that he will figure out everything by March are slim-to-none. I think his injury last January that caused him to miss all of spring ball (and some of our summer practices) set him back a lot.
Whether or not Diarra was better at certain things like defending the perimeter was never in question (to most anyone). But he was lost on offense per Brannen until recently didn't even know the plays. That speaks to me as a player that is not high BB IQ which means he will still have issues (after learning the plays) in a fast paced environment to make good decisions on the court. Knowing the offense is only half the requirement. He's coming along but he's still a 10 minute guy. He needs the game slowed down for him and games are not always like that...if ever. So he can provide us with good minutes right now...but we can see players with higher BB IQ's who still struggle to make the quick decisions Brannen asks for. Diara would be low on that list of decision makers right now.

Brannen told Diara he could not play him until he learned the offense...and now that he has a better handle on it...can play more. But knowing the offense was the minimum requirement...he has to make the right decisions within the game. Jarron is #1 at that. Diara is still trying to figure it out.
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