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There are a lot of suitors for these guys but we don't get them if we don't show the interest. We lose that battle 100% of the time if we don't try. I don't think a lot of time has been wasted on them that could be given to other "more likely" candidates. Brannen just keeps getting kids on campus to listen to our pitch...and that is likely going to pay off at some point or another. Someone is either going to like what they hear, what they see in campus facilities, or what they are being shown on tape as how they fit into our system.

It could just be one of these things that gets a kid to commit even if it's not one of these two guys.
I mean look at what Rehfeldt is's just another selling point. Recruits can come in and see past or current players come in looking like the Pillsbury doughboy and leaving looking like Superman. Not every program focuses so much on body transformation.

UC history and tradition is another big time sell. I don't care if the kids were not alive to experience's still hanging from the walls and visible on recruit visits. He's going after local guys as well which is a selling point to at least a few of them. Who knows what aspect of recruiting is going to appeal to the recruit until or unless you get them on campus.

There is a lot to sell!!
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