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Originally Posted by waterhead View Post
Not much news going on right now but from the looks of things Brannen has been focused on wings and bigs for 2020 (with Saunders already in).

I think he has probably offered 10+ wings and 10+ bigs. I don't know if we are getting close on any of them but it's great to see him going after a few 4 star kids and getting some of them to campus. Sounds like more visits are being set up and possibly a few that we are not involved with anymore.

Brannen says he likes the early signing period so I would guess we will get at least 1 big and 1 wing in that period which will leave us with 2 remaining spots. Then I suppose he can be a little more selective.

I wouldn't be surprised to see him go for a traditional 5 and stretch 4. On the wing a SF and SG. To go with the PG we already have. A full 5 position team in one class would be pretty cool.

Traditional 5's...Kalkbrenner, Hugley types
Combo 4/5's...Loveday, Gibson and Iriel types
PF's...Eason, Fararr, and Traynor is a new one

The wings mostly seem to be in that 6'4-6'6 range with only a couple outside of that. I would imagine a few of these guys could fill either role on the wing. SG or SF

Leal, Gordon, Scrubb, Galloway, Madsen, Calhoun, Walton, Kirby, Johnson etc.

Again some of these may no longer be applicable...but I would guess at least half of them are still in play. I think Leal just trimmed his list.

Yeah Leal trimmed his list down to IU and Stanford. He is pretty much an IU lock. Scrubb would be nice but I read in an article not too long ago, and it had a quote from his dad saying that he might declare for the draft after this year. Can't remember the last time someone was drafted straight from JUCO.
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