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Overperform: Mikey, I think he takes the starting job from DDJ by the end of the season. I expect improved 3-point shooting and more of a controlled speed.

Hensley, lots of people don't seem to expect much from him. But he was higher rated than Tari and Wes seems to think he has the ability. He's going to have to fight for minutes, but I expect him to make the most of them.

Newman, Think he will have something to prove based on his poor previous season. Will turn out that when he is fully healthy, he is a very good player.

Banks, him getting any minutes would be considered overperforming. I think he may sneak in 5-10 minutes in some games as a SF/G who will go inside and bang.


Koval, not a lot of minutes to go around for big men and he's going to get pushed around on the interior. Wouldn't be surprised to see him drop down to a 10-15 minutes per game player by the end of the season.

DDJ, lots of competition at guard on this team as well. Somebody isn't going to get a lot of minutes. If DDJ can't turn the shooting around, it's going to be hard to keep him on the court with guys like McGinnis and Mason on the bench.

Ody, again, somebody if going to miss minutes. If Ado grabs the starting role at center, a more offensively talented PF may take some minutes.
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