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Originally Posted by Queens_NYC View Post
DDJ/Saunders: I think DDJ will be less impactful this season but more efficient, while Saunders will be more impactful but I don't see him making a big improvement in his outside shooting (still sub-30%).

Koval: I think he'll be our most critical big. Ody and Ado will be able to physically match-up with just about every big on our schedule (unlike Koval) but I'm not expecting either to offer much on offense other than put-backs and easy finishes close to the rim. Koval's ability to stretch the floor will hopefully be a game changer and allow us to put out a variety of dynamic offensive line-ups, especially those that include more players from our 2nd unit.

Newman: I also have a good feeling about him. I think his stats will more closely resemble his sophomore season at Clemson rather than his more disappointing junior season.

MAW: I think MAW creates some separation between himself and the younger guards while becoming a more assertive offensive player that shoots the deep ball at a 35% clip.

Mason/McGinnis: I'd be surprised if both of them made it to the end of the season satisfied with their role. It seems like one of them will get caught up in a minutes logjam and transfer out midseason if not at the end. I hope I am wrong.
I would think McGinnis could still be happy with a lower minute supporting role (this year) since he decided to transfer and I am sure Wes didn't promise the world to him. Mason has been working his ass off and if he gets outplayed I could see him being a transfer option. But I expect a lot from him for various reasons.
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