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This has the makings of a great basketball conference, but I'm not sure it will survive. The Big 12 minus Texas and Oklahoma is kind of a zombie in terms of revenue and football. Adding UC, UCF, Houston, and BYU helps football competitiveness some, but doesn't change the revenue picture a whole lot.

Right now the remaining Big12 schools have an incentive to stay so they each get a piece of the huge buyout they'll be owed from Texas and OU. My understanding is they forfeit that if they leave before the media rights deal is up after 2025. So whatever form the Big 12 takes now may end up imploding again in several years if the most attractive schools get plucked by the ACC, Big Ten, or Pac12.

In my opinion, the only realistic spot for UC in a stable long term power conference is the ACC. But hey, I'll take playing Kansas a couple times a year in a transition period. Huge step up from what we have now.
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