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Ladies hoops getting crazy

I'm all for giving a coach a chance or two, allowing the system to work, allow for recruiting cycles to take shape, allow for building, but at times the athletic department run by Mike Bohn and the coaching staff at the university look ridiculous. Case in point, the UC women's basketball program. Women's basketball programs all over the country are starting to make money. Look no further than Louisville, UK, and many other programs now are looking at huge revenues from women's basketball. What is UC doing, giving away tickets to women's games because no one will show up. Why will no one show up? Who wants to watch your school's team get pasted? Yet UC is marred in a women's program that has not had a winning season in nearly 10 years, despite some of the best training facilities in the country as well as academic programs and new facilities we continue to loose at an alarming rate. Just recently, we played the top rated team in the country, Uconn. Prior to Jamel Elliott's arrival, UC played Uconn at home and lost by less than 15 points. Now, we are consistently loosing to UConn by 60. Not only that, the university interviews the head coach about what happened during the game and posts the interview on the UC website. On the UC website for God's sake !!!! The readers digest version for all would include comments by the coach "oh gosh, they are sooo good". We really did not get a chance to get into a grove and play well", they out played us in the first half". Are you KIDDING??? You got beat by 62 stinking points coach. You've been here for 7 STINKING YEARS!!! How long might it take to rebuild this program??? With all the potential and dollars at stake, UC does nothing about a coach that can't recruit, recognize talent and coach those on the floor. What will it take for this ridiculous athletic department to move forward. We wonder why no big 5 conferences want us. Look no further than our inept athletic department and women's basketball program. Oh, I forget to mention, once we do find a coach for the women's program that consistently wins, the first in decades, we will lose the coach to a neighboring program that is willing to pay slightly more for the coaches service. Look at the coaches face!! She has an oh shucks look. ARE YOU KIDDING !!!!!! Jamelle Elliott's record at UC

12-18- 2009-2010
9-20- 2010-2011
16-16-2011-2012- new contract extension- Whitless Babcock
6-20-2014-2015-(what maybe another extension)

coaches record and info- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jamelle_Elliott


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UC women's basketball will never be a money maker.
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I would disagree. Look whats going on in Louisville and at UK. I'm certain they are doing very, very well. Louisville ladies are filling up Yum Yum Center and the same with UK at Rupp. It's a very popular sport and a lot of people follow. Many of the traditional male sports fanatics don't understand. Having watched and coached my daughter in high school and grade school, I grew to love the ladies game as well.

I can guess why the athletic department does not want to fire the coach. Because the last coach that was fired, left the city and died of a heart attack months later. His widow sued UC (not sure of the amount and not sure if she won) for some type of wrongful termination. Mike Thomas fired him because he had two really bad loosing seasons. So now UC is afraid (my feelings only) to fire another coach, a minority coach for anything. That's why the mens soccer coach has remained as well even though he is consistently losing. Just my take on things.

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