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This my preseason starting 5


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Originally Posted by TheRealMick View Post
This my preseason starting 5

Miller has emphasized two things he wants to see us improve at this season. One is getting longer and more athletic, he felt we were often outmatched physically last season, maybe not at every position but as a team overall.

The second is have more options and getting better on offense.

There are 4 guys who are probably going to be liabilities on defense and/or outmatched physically at their position, but perhaps also our best offensive players. Those are DDJ, Nolley, Davenport and Ezikpe. Nolley is perhaps the most debatable, but look at his EvanMiya defense numbers, his rebounding numbers and rumors from practice that his defense needs work, all together it doesn't paint a great picture.

There are plenty of options when it comes to increasing length/athleticism, but will any of them also bring offense? That's the big question. In that group I see four who seem most primed for a breakout.

Ody - has been kind of dismissed, but he was our best offensive big man last year (also the worst on defense). He has the physical skills to be much better on defense than he was last year and if he can do that, he will push to start.

Hensley - if his three point shooting really has improved he will push to start. We don't have a lot of three point shooting, combine that with his ability to guard multiple positions and he should get plenty of minutes. Even if all he brings on offense is shooting (he did start showing some ability to pass and get to the basket late season as he got more comfortable).

Vik - no more needs to be said about him.

MAW - perhaps? He has shown flashes on offense.

The rest are either too young/unknown to say expect much from at this point (Skillings, Reed, Sage) or very good/elite defenders unlikely to bring much offense (Newman, Phinisee).

The other big question is if DDJ will play PG, if he does it helps us get more size onto the court.

Given how much we struggled last year with DDJ/Davenport being physically outmatched. I find it hard to see how we can start another defensive liability with them, unless perhaps if DDJ moves to PG. DDJ's offensive game also doesn't need a lot of help, he's better at breaking guys down 1v1 than he is at team offense.

With all that said my pre-season starters prediction is:
1. MAW
2. DDJ
3. Hensley
4. Davenport
5. Vik

I think Nolley will tend to rotate with Davenport/DDJ, that way we generally max out at two defensive liabilities on the court at once. Davenport is probably better to play with DDJ to help spread the court, whereas Nolley will probably be more of a ball handler (even though he is only good at shooting when he's taking spot-up shots).
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This is solely my prediction for what I think we'll see in Game 1. Wes will value experience before all else.
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