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View Poll Results: Who would you red shirt?
Nsoseme 13 43.33%
Diarra 6 20.00%
T Moore 0 0%
Williams 1 3.33%
No red shirt 10 33.33%
Voters: 30. You may not vote on this poll

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Originally Posted by jacobkdoyle View Post
Over half of our games aren't going to be that "meaningful"(/challenging). What kind of experience do these guys have a chance to get when we're drilling teams? That's what matters imo for young bench guys. Maybe 7 is too many but if the FR are better than the guys already here, they should pass them up on the depth chart. So instead of redshirt, we might see guys ride the bench and decide to transfer. Obviously no one prefers that, but I wouldn't totally rule it out.

Again though, it'll play itself out. When the time comes, the situation for each player will become more clear.
If we don't redshirt anyone I assume that would mean very good things and that all players are considered useful for this year in some significant way. I don't mind the option of not red shirting at all. I am just betting we might at least red shirt one big.

If Nsoseme can really get after the boards, can be an eraser at the rim, and can bang inside and even switch outside...he is going to be very useful for Cronin's D. We won't need a lot of points from our back up bigs this year.

More power to the new comers...I hope none of them have to redshirt and all can see some significant minutes. It will be tough getting all 13 guys enough minutes to be helpful to them.

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I love the idea of having 13 players...the competition for playing time from the bench is going to make us better. Even if we red shirt one big we will have more depth than we ever had there. The last couple of seasons we have been working with 10 players so every player was almost guaranteed to find some quality minutes whether they "deserved" it or not. Especially with our weaker SOS in the past...there were plenty of patsies to work them in. Foul trouble was another way to get in.

Fast forward to this year. SOS will be better. Our least effective players will not NEED to play in the bigger games. Only the most deserving will get in.

So we should have a better starting lineup and the quality of bench depth should also be better. It's a nice situation to be in. I don't necessarily like the idea of having players who can't get on the court in big games...but that's just the way it works. Work your ass off and get better.

The cream will rise to the top!

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Originally Posted by Chad Brendel View Post
He does need development on the offensive end, but the kid is an animal of the glass and protecting the rim...
You almost wonder though if Redshirting Nsesome is on the table even if he could provide great rim protection and rebounding next year just because of how week the class of bigs are in the 2018 class.

Redshirting him, would be like recruiting a high energy high upside Big in the 2018 class.

I think you can look at redshirting to 2 ways: 1 to develop talent and 2 to preserve talent.

My mind is boggled a bit when I think about UC having a full roster full of guys who can make an impact. Just not a ton of minutes to go around. Its a great problem to have, I just worry about upsetting team chemistry and dudes transferring out.
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Originally Posted by waterhead View Post
I would be astonished if Williams gets 20 minutes but equally impressed and encouraged. I would put him at 15 tops. If I am wrong...it's going to be one hell of a year!
Or someone was injured, making the year a potential bust. Half empty? Nah, we're going to kill it this year!
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I believe Tre Scott was an obvious choice for redshirt because he came from a small coastal Georgia town where he had nobody on his team or in his league to match up to him( I know he played summer ball) but compared to K. Williams/ Nsoseme and Moore who all played on very talented high school teams. Nsoseme's team had 5 guys 6'7 or better and K. Williams played against fantastic talent in his league- guys that will be playing for the big boys. I have seen E.Nsoseme play about 8-10 games OSBA tv, he moves well- blocks out well-and can guard bigs on the perimeter- sets great screens but no offensive skills at all based on those 8-10 games. I would redshirt him.
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