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Originally Posted by Queens_NYC View Post
Cronin handled Brooks's foul trouble as well as he could. Brooks could've controlled himself better.
Brooks hasn't been able to his entire career. Lol That said, he was really good today when in the game.

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We had to play small for a good portion of the second half. Our tiny guards could be right on a shooter and still not make a difference.

For those whoís say Johnson needs to fix his shot to play I would just point to the problem above. He can affect the game in other ways.

This one does not sting like other years which scares me. Iím getting used to it. But this team did play much better than expected so I canít be too upset. If I treat it as one year itís fine...and Iíve had my psychologist erase the rest.
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Originally Posted by Uclawrugby View Post
I am fed up with people dissing a players offensive skills who has sat on the bench all year. Have you seen his high school films? Did you know he is right handed and shoots left? You donít have a clue what your talking about.
I really like LoJo as a player. He is ultra athletic and hits the rim with intensity. However, he needs to improve his free throws to be an effective scorer with that style. He is going to get fouled a ton of the next few years. If he goes to the line and shoots 0-2 that might as well be a turnover.

I am confident he will end up having a great career here and probably end up a fan favorite because of his highlight reel ability. In order to do that I personally think he needs to seriously work on his shot in the offseason.

Now, we just got bounced from the tournament because we canít guard the three or shoot the three consistently. If people want three point shooting guards then we probably need to look for players that can shoot consistently. Form is a critical piece to shooting a high percentage. So is confidence, eye placement, focus, foot work, hands, etc....
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