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Originally Posted by mdchick View Post
Gotta say Iím impressed with mcneals body language on the bench when heís going through this slump, when players arenít performing well and have an attitude about it, it can be a cancer to the team, McNeal is the was genuinely cheering the team on yesterday even though his minutes got taken away from him by maw.

I think maw has looked really good the last 2 games and Iím excited to see what he can do, but a lot of people seem to be giving up on McNeal, that game against bowling green definitely hurt his confidence, but I think as the season goes on he will still be solid for us

That being said I think maw has played a lot better than him the last 2 games, but I think McNeal is in a slump is all
I think we have seen the worst from McNeal...not sure what is going on with him since he has shown better results in the past. MAW has been playing well outside of some early high turnover games so we might be okay there. I would still rather put JC11 out there and play without a true point if we can make it work. Easier said than done I guess.

As for Vogt I think he has done very well on offense but could get better on D and rebounding...but he's been better than expected. I would still like to see him play a few games against higher quality bigs to figure out just what he can and can't do. There certainly doesn't seem to be much confidence in Diara and without Sorolla we can't let Vogt get into foul trouble so I am guessing he's been told to take it easy on being too aggressive on D and maybe even fighting for rebounds. At least until we get Jaume back.

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