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Being a fan of the Mick Cronin era

So seeing how itís done with thought it would be nice looking back at micks career here with a couple different categories.

Favorite player: Gary Clark and rashad Bishop

Favorite game: big east tournament semi-final vs Syracuse(2012)

Favorite moment: Troy caupains shot against Purdue in the first round of the tourney

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Favorite player: Gary Clark

Favorite game: 2018-2019 putting a butt whooping on Xavier in our new arena.

Favorite moment: Seeing JP Macura's face when Cumberland was dominating him as a Freshman.
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Favorite player: Dion Dixon

Favorite game: vs FSU when Dixon steals ball and jams it paving our way to the sweet 16.

Favorite moment: Mick accepting UCla position
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Favorite player: Lance make em dance or Yancy dot his eye gates

Favorite game: don't have one(if had choose against Florida at)

Favorite moment: when gates signed to us
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Favorite player: Yancy Gates and Sean Kilpatrick

Favorite game: 2012 road win against #13 UConn. Cuz I hate my stateís fans and nothing beat being there when the tantrums ensued after this game.

Favorite moment: Guess it could go under favorite game, but watching the Purdue game over and over for a week is still my favorite moment.
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Favorite players: Lance & Evans

Favorite game: Crosstown Shootout Cronin's first year

Favorite moment: Watching us beat Pitt at MSG in person on a Rubles putback in the final seconds. Seeing Evans get drafted in person this past summer.
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Cin City
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Favorite players:Troy and Jarron

Favorite game: Purdue NCAA and X Caupains senior year

Favorite moment: Winning the AAC tourney b2b. Any win over Louisville.
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cincycpaw will become famous soon enough
Favorite players: Gary Clark, Troy Caupain, Sean Kilpatrick, Jarron Cumberland....hmmmm I guess Iíll stop

Favorite game: Some good ones. Due to recent bias, beating Houston for the 2nd straight conference tourney title.

Favorite moment: Troy Caupain getting emotional during UCONN game and getting a technical. Or yancy punching that punk from Eggs.

Least favorite moment: Mick disciplining Caupain for that...wrong move IMO.
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He may not have been all american but Justin Jackson is one of my all time favorites. Mean Face. Enough said. Just one of the non obvious ones.

The Brawl was a defining moment for the coach, team, and program and it was handled well.

I don't have a favorite game but I guess beating FSU was right up there to put us in the S16
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JoeRunner89 is an unknown quantity at this point
Mick did have pretty talented teams.. The Lance with Deonta Vaughn Team should have meshed better. Mick was young in the Big East and at the time the conf was def the best... the Rashad Bishop Sr yr squad was a solid team kemba Walker uccon was tough draw, man if Lance had just stayed one more year...

All Mick squad would have to be Justin Jackson, Gary Clark, Rashad Bishop, Sean Kilpatrick, Cashmere Wright before his senior year injury or if he never got hurt from the start, with Jarron Cumberland, Lance Stephonson, Yancy Gates, C. Debearry, Jacob E, Dion Dixon, Chiek M, and Deonta Vaughn.
Favorite Player tho SK
Favorite moment is beating Syracuse in BEast semi or SK's last sec shot on the road against uccon.. Purdue game was crazy magical too
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