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Originally Posted by Jon Rycek View Post
One can dream. Gotta think he would blow lance out of the water as our best recruit under cronin.
No doubt about that. Plus we are is a better place as a program.

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Originally Posted by jacobkdoyle View Post
You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
Well technically if you don't take the shot it wouldn't count as an attempt or hurt your percentage.... haha
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Originally Posted by jacobkdoyle View Post
You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
Haha. I totally agree with you. I was kind of joking and kind of being a realist. But we should definitely try.

Heck I know this sounds silly but Sillier things have been said and done: I thought we should’ve put a full-court press on urban Meyer. Let him know that you would put out all the stops. He would be the most famous person ever on campus. He’s an alumni. If Brian Kelly could win here he could win here. I know it sounds crazy but let everybody know that you’re going to go after the best of the best. (Spare me that we’re no longer in the Big East. )

Luke Kennard Not interested, so what. Whatever it is allowed in recruiting do it. If you’re allowed to stand on his sidewalk, go down and stand on his sidewalk three times a month. Let him know how bad you want them. Yeah you can’t put all your eggs in one basket but let it fly..

I know there’s limited time but go for the top players. I don’t know what really happens, but we are under recruiting. You put a flyer out, they say no. Do we just back down? That easily? We are a darn solid team. Just get them on campus fior a visit. Tell them you’ll stop standing on the sidewalk if he just come for a visit.
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