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Will Cumberland stay/go

Really interested what everyoneís thoughts are on this;

Just saw an espn article (John gasaway) that had him ranked as the 14th best college basketball player.

I know a lot of people think he isnít ready, I kind of feel that way too but also think itís a bit of wishful thinking selfishly as a fan.

Would be happy for him if he did get drafted and make a lot of money, but also want him on the team next year, such a double edged sword.

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I think we all know he will play for money. The question is does he want that to be in the NBA. I would say he's on the outside looking in at this point. Cronin floated the idea of next year making him a PG, slimming down and working on ball handling. That is probably his best way in. If he doesn't add that skill set I don't see him improving much over what he is doing now. His status would likely be the same this year or next with no additional skills or new found athleticism.

If he wants to get drafted (NBA) I would say he almost has to come back and gain a skill that will make him more of a fit (say elite ball handling). If he just wants to play for money he will probably leave after this year as his value won't change much.
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Will he? I think he stays.

Should he? If he can get drafted in the 1st round itís a no brainer. I think despite his skills, his athleticism keeps that from happening. So he should stay and become even better and be not prepared.
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I expect him to test the waters this summer but ultimately return.

His situation is much different than how Evans' was. Evans was being courted for the NBA since his freshman year based on various attributes. Cumberland hasn't been scouted that way to near the same degree through 2.5 years.
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I think Jarron comes back. He's a great player, but he doesn't fit the rigid NBA mold, at least not right now. The NBA wants guards to have at least 2 of: 1) insane handles, 2) great 3pt shooting, 3) freakish athleticism, 4) length. I can't think of too many NBA guys that don't fit that description.

Jacob got drafted because he's got #2 and #4; he's OK at #1 and #3.
Jarron has #2. He's not going to ever get #3 or #4. But he could develop #1.
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Jon Rycek
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There are plenty of guards that donít fit that description lol. Jarron will be a better NBA player than Evans, thatís pretty obvious at this point Cumberland would definitely get drafted this season if he put his name in the hat.
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Mock drafts are the early indicator, and Jarron is not on the 5 most credible. The chances of him being a first rounder after this season are slim to none. So would make a lot of sense to come back to school. Not sure how high his stock could go if he came back though is the tricky part. Height and measurable's wont jump off the page.
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Bluiett had a great year last year and didnít get drafted. I donít think Jarron would get drafted. All about alethism in the draft. If he came back he would get a ton of pub. Probably preseason all-American. I think that would probably be his smartest move. If he did leave, I would understand
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If this year's team was playing better/highly ranked I think Cumberland would likely be on more draft radars. Not because he would be any different, but hot team's players just elevate each other in the minds of those who evaluate.

If he's unsure about the NBA but thinks he can go pro he might be better off leaving early because his skill set is pretty strong now and being in a situation where they groom you more on a daily basis will only help his potential while he's young.

I get the impression Cumberland is a guy who likes playing in college and being around people his own age. He's not extremely extroverted and being in a college team system really helps people who want to fit in.

Looking at next year's team, it has the potential to be much better, but without him they don't have that reliable shooter ready to go.

I think everyone will improve as far as shooting. We'll see jumps with Scott, Brooks, Williams, Moore, and Johnson...so really we could have one of Cronin's more all-around shooting teams. But Cumberland would still be more reliable than all those guys and he might actually enjoy having that role, probably for the last time in his basketball career. They've improved this season and he might want to be on a special team to close out his career.
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Cumberland should go. The NBA always discounts college seniors. There were only two drafted in the first round last year. NBA drafts players for there upside potential not how good they are currently.
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