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Originally Posted by Queens_NYC View Post
Another guy you covered, Odom, ended up exiting the game early due to injury.

I wonder if that was a blessing in disguise for Howard as he was a very inefficient shooter coming into the game.
Agreed, I was thinking that when it happened.
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So I just watched the replay. What a crazy game.

The media setup for Howard's arena really threw me for a bit and it was hard to focus on what was happening with their wonky camera work. I've seen way better ESPN+ work done on NKU broadcasts, and they actually have theirs run by students. Who knew a D1 game in 2023 could look so bad?

Browsing the statsóBearcats did a lot of things well to earn the win, but I can't help but think this game should have been a blowout. I guess it was a smart move for our still-developing team to have a first road game against someone you expected to be a W.

Howard seemed to struggle scoring, yet they somehow were getting the lead. UC had to really chip away at everything to win.

But they almost lost it! And I don't know what happened with the game management technology...was it a clock issue? They said a student unplugged something? Whatever it was, refs allowed Lahkin to re-shoot free throws that he just missed. That might have been the points that kept us from losing at that part of the game. If I were a Howard fan I'd be pissed and consider that controversial.

I don't know how we got so hot from three just a game ago and today was just cold. Glad to see Jizzle James getting some good results in his early days. I don't know what's up with CJ Frederick. He seems to do a lot of things right, but I expected him to score more and at least have more attempts. Zero points in 22 minutes will make you question what are we doing to help him.

And with DayDay's ability to penetrate, I'd love to see more drive and dish action. His assists are kinda low for as many shooters as we have, and it's not like he's getting to the line a ton. He just kind of tries to dribble out of trouble.

Aziz hasn't been perfect, but I think he's been exactly what the team needed right now. I hope they can learn how to help him score more by the Xavier game.
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The broadcast was definitely a mess, but I sort of enjoy the quirkiness of amateur productions.

Hopefully Day Day grows into more of a facilitating role, but for now I'm happy that he's taking care of the ball and playing competent defense.
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