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Originally Posted by skyblade View Post
Really no one other than Davenport and DDJ gave us anything on offense. They combined for almost 2/3rd of our points. Only 4 guys scored more than 4 points and only 2 more than 8 points. Really scary how lacking in options our offense was. Teams like Houston are going to be able to take away our top couple of options.

Yah that seems like trouble. Although I think JD can get his shots off in just about any game and unless DD get's doubled or hedged...he can still score. Or he will need to find the open man if doubled.

Mike's speed should be just fine against any team...just has to connect on some shots. And we NEED to get the ball to the post and Vik will have to step up his game. Newman can probably have a normal night against most opponents (which isn't much on offense). I thought Hensley played pretty good defense but not sure how that will translate to better opponents.

All in all I thought they had a decent team all things considered. I thought the other team played better than a couple others we have faced. Some of their guards were fairly quick and athletic. The big was decent on offense and he never really had to worry about defense. They were thin and not great at shooting...but they were pretty fast and tough to guard. They passed the ball pretty well on back cuts. Speed wise other than the big guy I thought they matched up pretty well.

Wes has to figure out a couple of things and adapt. I hope he is not bull headed about a preferred style. Letting kids make decisions on when to shoot will result in a lot of hero ball. We have to crash boards better, box out better, and get the ball in the paint better. We can't really improve shooting at this point so we have to work on the controllable aspects.

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